The way I enabled wifi was to copy a backported package like this on a usb stick and install it from there since the wired network card wasn’t working either. Broadcom STA is a specific driver, thanks. I just checked rfkill list. You need to press the power button to resume. Just install the package or follow the instructions here. Anything to do after that?

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But I’ve got a broadcom 43xx wireless card as well and in Ubuntu a quick “sudo apt-get install bfwcutter” always does the trick. Broadcom Corporation BCM Where would I look, or what terminal code would I enter, to find out for sure? There’s a great list of introductory links here – thanks to SCSweeps.

At some point while it was installing that package it should have asked you if you wanted to fetch and wirelrss firmware, it’s important that you selected yes there. Broadcom Corporation BCM Mouse The wireless works well, even the special key to turn off the mousepad to avoid spurious clicks.

60 Day Acer Aspire One D WiFi Wireless Card Broadcom BCMHMG | eBay

I come here for one final plea, does anyone know how the fuck to work this out? Ask Ubuntu works best with JavaScript enabled. I do not know if mine has the broadcom card that you mentioned, but the broadcom modules come supported in this beautifully preconfigured arch setup.


WiFi This model has a broadcom wifi card that requires special configuration. You need to add those lines in xorg. I’m not sure what driver I have installed now, but I was never offered a choice, so far as I recall. Wireless card is a Broadcom BCM; I have the “additional drivers” checked and installed I tried unchecking and then reinstalling them in case that would help, no joy, and now my home wifi connection isn’t showing up in the list of available connections, argh.

Common features are listed below Screen size 14″, 15″, or 15″ wide Wireless card Disk and Ram size, optical device Other options, broadcomm fingerprint reader, bluetooth Hosting provided by Metropolitan Area Network Darmstadt. It says wireless is neither soft nor hard blocked.

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Webcam Works out of the box Webcamusing the uvcvideo driver. Option “NoDDC” glxgears gives good performance: Therefore potential buyers would know if that hardware is supported and owners would know how get the best out of that hardware.

You do NOT need to be a linux guru to get this set up, and it has run beautifully on my d for 5 months now. I have acer laptop and using broadcom too, many story with it along ubuntu acdr Other subreddits you may like: If you’re posting for help, please include the following details, so that we can help you more efficiently:.

Wireeless Management Suspend to ram works when the acpi, acpid and acpi-support packages are installed.


– Wifi not working on Acer Aspire One D (Broadcom BCM wifi adapter) – Ask Ubuntu

Log in or sign up in seconds. You need to press the power button or any key on the keyboard to resume.

If you’re posting for help, please include the following details, so that we can help you more efficiently: I’ve tried Ubuntu, Mint, Fedora, and Arch, all the same story.

If those answers do not fully address your question, please ask a new question. I’ve always had problems with my netbook and linux, because of the wireless.

Here’s to hoping my problems will be solved. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Did you try using the Broadcom STA driver?

I entered that into terminal and everything was going fine and the download and processes finished up, I rebooted, and nothing. That is the id of your wireless chip.

Apparently the Broadcom 43xx cards are infamous for being total shit with all OSes, but specifically all forms of Linux.