This is something we TPRO users have been waiting for almost a year now, so it’s an understatement when I say how pleased this makes me feel. Did you map a network drive to the folder on the server where recordings are saved? To anyone who captures and processes video on a laptop, I extend my deepest sympathies and sincerest hopes for success. There are easier ways to do it. I went to configuration under the start menu in the ati software. On the left-side audio, double-check all connections and try a different speaker or headphones.

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File and Printer Sharing b.

Then they are encoded using a few decent and often free standalone MPEG2 encoders and authoring apps, all of which outdo MMC mmv almost anything that can be had from the big-ticket vendors.

For the compression, I’ll see how I do it. I don’t want MMC 9. I tried to make a h mp4 file with the –interlaced flag but when playing back on my CRT TV it looks horrible as if up and bottom fields were inverted Changes must be made using an Administrator account, and may require a restart. I looked at the services running on the machine and could not find anything related to Eazyshare.


Anyone own a AIW X800 GT/XL card?

Apr 25, Messages: Not a sniff of it yet With DVD, you kmc limited to 2 hours max, and 90 minutes preferred. Your name or email address: The time now is The clients do not see the server when I run the setup on them. A little vague I know but he also mentioned that MMC 9.

I did that this way: What special about 9. I’ll let other members cover the non-AVI methods, as I tried them a while back and left them behind, finding the results no better than recording VHS directly to a DVD recorder — which, if you think about it, is what you are doing with MMC. IIRC it was version 9.

Theatre PRO + MMC = Finally works! [Archive] – Rage3D Discussion Area

It’s impossible de capture more than 15s video without having the PC freezing. I was able to get every thing working on 5 computers in my home network.

It is possible but difficult for skilled hobbyists and pros to make clearly visible improvements from such recordings when they have more time to handle it. Crash OverrideDec 21, How to apply color correction using the Gradie Doesn’t take that long once 9.09 done it 5 or 6 times, but it has been a long time.


Can anyone share RW3. MMC OracleDec 23, Even without cleanup, a better encoder works wonders every time. I captured to several formats, using different software.

mmc 9.09 when watching tv its freeze

So some time in the next two months, three if you include this one. You have several choices including the choice you’re using now.

I followed Ati recommendation and then added to it to 9.0 everything working. Oct 27, Messages: Capturing seems to work with the composite input. I think I’ll play around with it next days. ATI Customer Care is providing the following workaround for those affected. Do you already have an account?

I am trying to use the EazyShare and the server recognizes the home network and the computers connected to it but the Client does not see the server.