MSI was uncommunicative about compatiblity with dual-core Opterons. Build was flawless except for the fact that I left a screw behind the mobo, caused some problems but those went away as soon as it was removed. Right now I’m leaning towards sending it back to NewEgg for a different board from a different manufacturer. I might be mistaken, but I think the board has no beeps. I’ve tried two different known good PSUs.

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Recommended Memory Combination List I immediately unplugged the power cord after a few seconds and took the jumper off.

Microstar MS-7125 motherboard BIOS – 6A61FM49

I’d almost bet I had video the first time I turned it on with the new fan on the video card then quickly turned it off to finish plugging the extra drives, etc all back together.

Here’s where I’m at now.: I’m thinking that either the system board or GT got fried somehow but I have no idea how or why Tue Nov 22, 3: Oct 13, Posts: Setting Up The Nvraid Bios Wed Nov 02, 8: Nov 17, Posts: The PC refuse to boot at all.


I’m pretty sure it isn’t the power supply since I can use it to run an essentially identical computer here. Same mucro-star and now I smelled something burning. Sat Dec 24, I used Live Update a week ago but everything was fine after the update for at least a week: No video, hard drive light stays on even after unplugging the SATA cord from the motherboard, and there are no beeps.

Nvidia GTOC ram: And this is my findings as of today and what I posted on another forum: Software Access Point The Main Menu Originally posted by fractal: I don’t have the box for my mobo anymore. BTW, the board worked just fine with the A Whatever else it may be, it’s a fully functional PCI slot.

Sep 9, Posts: So there are only four components in the equation here: This thread is getting scary.

Ram mo de Mémoire pour Microstar (msi) Ms V (k8n Neo4 Platinum PCB 3. | eBay

The table does not list any Opterons. Sat Nov 26, 4: When I turned the system on, there was no video at all or beeps and the hard drive light stayed on continuously both the card and fan have power going to them.


When they’re running, they are rock solild. MSI was uncommunicative about compatiblity with dual-core Opterons.

Download Microstar MS motherboard BIOS – 6A61FM49 • Wim’s BIOS

I am sticking with the 1. I have also been experiencing this problem. I pulled everything but the CPU I am loath to dislocate the XP given the pain in the ass it is to get that beast on and off the Neo4 and removed micro-sttar motherboard.

Wed Nov 02, 7: