Personally, I didn’t have much luck with MouseWare. Case in point, I opted to do a clean reformat and reinstall on my home system not too long ago. Fellow PC editor Dan “My raging alcoholism is only outshone by my unsettling use of profanity” Adams came by and swiped it. For optimal satisfaction, today’s current games, whether they be RTS or FPS, require both performance as well as a healthy compliment of buttons out of their mice. That means it doesn’t like balls. The end result is a substantial increase in performance that, although appreciable by the casual users amongst us, will be most cherished by enthusiast gamers and professional artists.

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But in my case, this was actually turned into something of use Though I do have a left-handed friend who uses his right hand for mice.

After examining the shape I immediately realised that this mouse was designed for right-handed people, so it looks like all you lefties have been denied yet again. Lasers direct light downward that bounce back and trigger sensors. But may not be warranted for the casual user and web surfer, especially if a solid optical mouse is ddual owned and in use. Mice whose characteristics include ridiculously high scroll rates one or two thousand DPIthe Boomslangs are the top of the balled market, the proverbial cream of the crap.

Now when you pick up your mouse and stare into the lasers like an idiot you ligitech get blinded twice over!

Logitech Mouseman Dual Optical – Overclockers Australia

It’s an ergonomic oval, carved exclusively for the right-handed no southpaw respect hereand isn’t nearly as bulky or high off the ground as otical original Mouseman Optical was.


Supposedly, the two sensors work independently to provide greater precision over a regular optical mouse.

They also offer one other primary advantage over olgitech mice, and that’s their ability to scroll on virtually any surface. Unlike other mice seemingly compelled to make superficial modifications in design, and underutilized or underdeveloped advances in technology, the Logitech Mouseman Dual Optical offers a substantial, quantifiable, and commendable level of performance while still resting on its laurels of functionality and familiarity.

But then who really does?

Logitech Mouseman Dual Optical Wired Mouse USB Ps2

For optimal satisfaction, today’s current games, whether they be RTS or FPS, require both performance as well as a healthy compliment of buttons out of their mice. I, like always, was working hard and minding my own business, happy to be at my cubical caressing my strawberry spread bagels when, BAM!!! Something about having to swab mine once logitecg week to maintain proper functionality got real tiresome real fast.

Normally my only means of defense would be to girlishly slap at the air in hopes that a swing from one of my flailing, frail arms would accidentally clip the bagel and send it optica, the floor and subsequently my mouth. Personally, I didn’t have much luck with MouseWare.

Logitech MouseMan Dual Optical – mouse Series

And you never feel comfortable touching someone else’s, or worse yet, vile public ones as they’re the filthiest and most unreliable.

I now even find it useful for a little preemptive attacking. The left hand rubber thumb grip cradles your most precious of opposable appendages no, that one down there isn’t opposable, at least God I hope it’s notwhile your pinky on the right is allowed plenty to grasp and apply leverage on. I picked that puppy up and burned some retina, baby. Only now, while dragging, it can actually be put to some use other than cleaning your desktop as this is where the single thumb button is located.


Review Computer Shuttle AK31 v2. But I suppose I could have just been picky when I criticized its unnatural requirement of a fifteen-minute warm-up before it would scroll left, because who needs to scroll to the left anyway? The Mouseman Dual Optical does not offer the force feedback functionality of its gyrating brethren, but what it lacks in useless and at times frustrating technological advances lohitech makes up for in sheer performance.

My eyes are on fire! Whether you like drawing circles in Photoshop or just killing folks in Quake 3if you’re looking for the current absolute in performance than this, my friend, is it. Improper mouse selection can kill an otherwise solid rig steer clear of anything with the words “!!!

He was too busy going blind to care about my bagels. Mechanical mice rely on a rubberised ball at the bottom of the mouse that rolls in a specific direction based on which way the mouse is moving.

Your thumb will for the most part drag alongside the mouse during use, no different than any other really. Low and opfical my UT performance was inexplicably erratic. Now works with Windows!!! Provided you don’t care about the whole working thing. You’re good with just using Win98’s default, you say.

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