Mike , Jan 11, Nothing special here, just routine updates to the current state of the art. I plan on buying a spare pen and taking it apart, but I am hoping to go into this armed with any information I can get for you guys on here first. With all this different technology under the hood, some other specs have changed as well. Discussion in ‘ Hewlett Packard ‘ started by sugarcaner , Oct 24,

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So if your guts are the same, you could easily make the pen shorter, but not all that much room left for making it thinner. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Views Read Edit View history. Current Cover Recent issues.

Genuine HP Compaq Tc Tablet PC Digitized Stylus Pen | eBay

Good DNA is hard to suppress. Please try again shortly. The overall design of the TC remains completely unchanged. The difference is like night and day. My pen exterior is close to as narrow as could fit the guts, but longer.

How Penabled pens work A Wacom Penabled pen operates without batteries or wires by taking advantage of patented technology developed by Wacom in which an electromagnetic signal tabet sent from a sensor board to a pen and returned for position analysis, pressure sensitivity and other information. That is extremely important in a Tablet PC that will oen used both in portrait and in landscape mode.


At least, this is how it works with Wacom tablets.

HP Compaq TC – Wikipedia

Same for the tremendous difference between the original’s display and the TC’s wide viewing angle display. But in this case appearance is quite deceptive.

Some people loved it. Modding the hpp on a tc tablet PC May 8, 5: But that wasn’t the only area where Compaq deviated from the pack. My guess is that you’ll be able to make it marginally smaller, but you’ll have to deal with the PCB, which is going to be flat, probably run the length of the barrel, and be rather delicate.

However, tf1100 for the Celeron version that does not have the wide viewing angle display, less RAM, and a smaller disk than the Pentium M-based model. What’s so special about it?

Genuine HP Compaq Tc1100 Tablet PC Digitized Stylus Pen

I didn’t find the time tc11100 build a new exterior for it, but hopefully the pic will be helpful. Like flushing the network settings altogther?

The Penabled pen therefore needs no batteries. Compaq, of course, had considerable experience in pen systems, in part from the development of the Concerto pen computer of the mid s and in part from its great success with Pocket PCs.

HP Compaq TC1100

I’d also add that you could probably pretty easily shorten it further by snapping tabldt circuit board in half, just above the switch button, and putting the halves side by side, then soldering wires to reconnect the traces. A tsblet behind the times but it’ll do me for now. This is too bad as it is possible to put a full QWERTY implementation even on a compact keyboard by making punctuation keys slightly narrower see review of Getac W on page For your WLAN problems and any other issues you may have.


The pen includes the following components: To use an automotive analogy, the TC sort of remains the Citroen of Tablet PCs–hugely innovative and ahead of its time in many respects, but also a bit odd and quirky even though the Intel processor, Wacom digitizer bring it closer to the norm.

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For the extra money you get the faster processor, the wide viewing angle display, MB of RAM, a 40 instead of a 30GB disk, and a three year warranty instead of just one. There’s still that ingenious snap-on keyboard that’s a mixed bag of goods in several respects.

I have Windows 7 installed, which seems to operate more or less like Vista as far as I can tell. Wireless LAN is standard. So you might be able to shrink it in one axis and end up with an oval instead of a circle shape.