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Stop button pressed, thread is terminated. Set Modewheel to “M” to get all settings. Then I can try this with my D The –filename flag sets the filename for the image which will be saved on the local directory. BTW, formatting the camera card doesn’t work, delay remains. I do not recommend it for outdoor use. Do you use your own tool?

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Canon Rebel XT is not on the list and therefore I should probably use another camera to resolve this issue.

Remote controlling cameras

BTW, formatting the camera card doesn’t work, delay remains. This will help mencoder to assemble the images in the right order. Using this naming scheme has the advantage that the lexicographic order of the file names is the same as the chronological order in which the images were taken.

Always longer, never shorter? Marcus is guesing at: Cam Optia is useless for taking outdoor pictures, as it produces overexposed images. Time-Lapse movies with gphoto2 About In this page I describe how to produce time-lapse movies using gphoto2. Then Capturf have to reset the usb connection to be able to use the camera again.

Unfortunately, the Canon repair center I contacted did not recognize the issue and was not willing to repair the camera for free, so I have thrown the camera away.


One of the webcams I tested a Creative Live!

Hi, This is a bug in 2. And from the output of this command, it seems it doesn’t support floating point time. After some thousands pictures taken as described above resulted in TWO broken cameras, a few considerations are in order.

On Wed, Jul 02, at So I’m here to ask to to make sure I can synchronize the camera and motor? The gphoto2 commandline frontend offers both a ncurses GUI mode using –config or scriptable commandline options to do configuration:.

By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Also see this Canon page for a overview of which cameras are supported and which are not as of April 1st Cam Optia; manual exposure works fine under Windows, but even at the minimum value the image is overexposed anyway, exactly as the snapshots above. Hi, As I am not familar with python programming can you send a complete reproducer.

We do not know how to do Bulb capture yet.

gPhoto – Doc :: Remote controlling cameras

In reply to this post by Rogier Wolff Now I solved the problem using a bash script since –interval option doesn’t support floating point interval value. But unlike Phil, this plan just might work.

Stop button pressed, thread is terminated. Unfortunately, the image quality of the pictures taken by the SpaceCam is very bad: For instance, it is a very good sign if the vendor supplies software that supports remote capture for this camera. Then I got a PowerShot A80, which worked fine for a while until it broke down as well.


Camera is too slow to catch up. Now I solved the problem using a bash script since –interval option doesn’t support floating point interval value.

gphoto-devel – gphoto library image capturing delay problem and analysis

Moreover, Logitech is actively supporting open source development on their cameras. This jot lists cameras remotely controllable for capture. What I need is a recent camera model which has faster gphoto signal response under linux.

I just wish to synchronize them for shots, I’m really keen on any advice you could provide. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms supportev Service. Listing available controls for device video0: For my A40 it was not reasonable to set an interval less than 10 seconds, as taking the picture and downloading it to the host took around 6 seconds.