The included enhanced version of Giants: The last test we ran involved Interplay’s Giants , a test which might be familiar to some of you by now. This time, when I ran Quake 3 in the highest possible resolution at completely playable framerates, my jaw hit the floor. For information on the GeForce3 chipset you can check out this article from February, shortly after the official announcement. Quincunx anti-aliasing is an oddly-named new feature on the GeForce3, providing efficient full-scene anti-aliasing FSAA. VAT , the Gladiac is a costly component for your PC — after all, you can buy a whole Playstation2 for that price. Since ELSA was one of the first companies with a card available, they didn’t add an awful lot of features.

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ELSA GLADIAC 920 graphics card – GF3 – 64 MB

This time, when I ran Quake 3 in the highest possible resolution at completely playable framerates, my jaw hit the floor. You agree to receive updates, alerts and promotions from CBS and that CBS may share information about you with our marketing partners so that they may contact you by email or otherwise about their products or services.

I am in awe of a video card. Unfortunately, games designed for vladiac versions of DirectX aren’t going to see much improvement in either speed or image quality. I gladizc that it would be worthwhile to do some tests to determine how the cards perform in 2X Anti-Aliasing mode, and many users from the IGN boards agreed.

On the face of it, there has to be some great new technology on this chip to beat its predecessors for speed. The image quality 9220 compared to four times oversampling used on other cards, while the performance is compared to two times oversampling.


To be elaa, the first time was when I used a Voodoo 2 graphics accelerator on Quake 2. The Kyro 2 wouldn’t run the test in x resolution, displaying an error about being ‘unable to create surface’ or some such.

ELSA GLADIAC graphics card – GF3 – 64 MB Overview – CNET

It is quite fast. Look long and hard at these results, because it’s probably the last time you’ll see Unreal Tournament benchmark scores here.

The Quake 3 test was demo four run in x resolution and all the settings maxed out with the standard 3D Mark demo. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme review: When my tiny little brain started to consider all of the possibilities for high-quality graphics that the Gladiac and indeed, the GeForce3 chip itself makes possible in games I was amazed. A solid 2-in-1 detachable with excellent connectivity.

Again, GL Mark can take advantage of some of the more advanced features of the GeForce3, and the scores reflect this.

ELSA Gladiac GeForce3 Review – IGN

The last test we ran involved Interplay’s Giantsa test which might be familiar to some of you by now. Since the last review I’ve updated Quake 3 Arena to version 1. Yes, you read the numbers on websites and in reviews much like this one but when you actually see the FPS counter for yourself, it’s a different experience. 902 main benefit is that game designers can define different rules for processing vertices and pixels, and the processing rules can be changed at any time. Something that’s only happened a total of 3 times now when it comes to PC hardware.

It also lowers the memory requirements of anti-aliasing, leaving more space for textures in the card’s memory.

These Quake 3 results come from a new demo. Citizen Kabuto is just the tip of the iceberg. I haven’t the slightest idea why not. It’s worth every dollar you spend, even if it ends up being a shamefully high number of dollars.


Turning on anti-aliasing slows the GeForce3 down considerably, although the Quincunx method does seem to provide a good compromise between performance and image quality. However, early adopters and those seeking to run demanding titles like the recently released Black and White may be content to bear the cost. Google Pixel XL 8. GeForce3-based cards like the Gladiac will come into their own once DirectX 8 support is widespread and games developers learn to exploit the chip’s programmable features.

What the Quincunx algorithm seems to do is make more intelligent use of 2X oversampling to get higher-quality images without doing the extra work involved in 4X oversampling.

Oh, but I’ve elsw and spoiled the ending! If you can believe it, the GeForce3 was announced to the world about six months ago.

However, the fact that these features are in the new DirectX means that most future games will exploit the GeForce3 fully. Since then, little has changed; they still cost a lot, but then they’re also still very fast.

Look for a news story in the near future with screenshots for comparison with the regular version, for now I’ll simply say that you could easily mistake the cutscenes for prerendered sequences, but they’re not.

Esa, you can see the difference between the GeForce GTS and the GeForce3, but it’s a small difference in UT and isn’t really stressing the videocards as much as I’d want to see it doing.