Battle of the Titans part 3: This is version – the latest one that I could find on the net. You must log in or sign up to reply here. This software based on Nvidia referense drivers, but stabile, with flexible adjusting, and total 3D games compatible. But don’t quote me on that one as i’m not sure. For the infrared version, connect the plug of the transmitter module to the socket on the adapter; plug the. Elsa 3d Revelator Driver File size:

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The just don’t activate through the IR signal.

Sun Apr 13, 2: Sat Dec 29, Yes, my password is: Why should Nvidia support a very cheap and working solution from a already vanished competitor, ELSA? I have two of them.

Battle of the Titans part 3: I’m using this dongle: Do you already have an account? Elsa Revelator 3D Wireless I got the solution: Anybody got any ideas? Mon Jun 21, 3: Has anyone tested this?


Elsa Revelator 3D Wireless Cybereality, thanks for the help. Could these glasses or emitter be locked at hz? Farbstereobild zur Betrachtung mit der.

I received my Elsa Revelator IR today. No offence I just mean its not high end but I dont see how that makes a difference. Read here about which card and which version is told to be working: Elsa 3d Revelator Driver File size: Slah One Eyed Hopeful Joined: Read here for more.

My first thought would be dead batteries but you said you already replaced those. I installed the last driver Elsa Revelator 3D Wireless Anyone please?

GeForce 3D Vision vs. Elsa 3D Revelator shutter glasses – acmelabs’ blog

So no support for 8xxx and beyond. I’ve bought 3 of these glasses from Ebay. I just tested it a bit with Forceware and the corresponding 3D stereo driver on my older XP machine. You need to put in 2x CR into each glasses! The emitter is this one: I’ve tested with 5 different dongles.


Just imagine to use this new 3D webcam Minoru with Skype and see your partner on the other side in 3D. Any experience or suggestions?

I am trying to make them work with the Edimensional dongle.

GeForce FX 5200 and glasses Elsa 3D Revelator; are compatible?

You can buy these glasses for less than 10 bucks at eBay. Nvidia Geforce 3D Vision ab morgen f? Please provide the following information: