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In duplex mode, after copying on to the reverse face of the paper, the paper is reversed in the feedshift section and conveyed to the duplex unit. U Recording paper on the destination unit has run out during transmission. Before initializing the backup RAM, output a list of the current settings of the maintenance items to reenter the settings after initialization or replacement. U Switching between fax and copier modes Description Selects whether the fax or copier mode is given priority when the optional facsimile kit is installed to use the copier as a fax. Page Original misfeed detection 1 Original misfeed indication When an original jams, the machine immediately stops operation and the occurrence of an original jam is indicated on the copier operation panel. A message is also displayed requesting the user to call for service. OEM Products come with a manufacturer warranty only.

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Page Setting and registering data After setting up the machine, set or register the following data.

Sheets and books Maximum size: Remove the two pins for light source unit 1 and the pin for light source unit 2. Safety precautions This booklet provides safety warnings and precautions for our service personnel to ensure the safety of their customers, their machines as well as themselves during maintenance activities.


Page UXX error code table: This manual also for: Also check for continuity within the operate. The page yield for this toner cartridge is pages.

Remove the bypass tray assembly. Avoid multiple connections to one outlet: U U U U auxiliary scanning main scanning P.

If stable for ms after the polygon connector none, repair or replace coystar cable. Detects the width of paper on the bypass tray. Photo G Image mode selection key Text Photo and text indicators: U Initializing memories Description Initializes the setting data other than that for adjustments due to variations between respective machines, i. Caution Before making this adjustment, ensure that the following adjustments have been made in maintenance mode.

Copystar CS-2030 Copier (022AX609)

Image scanning unit positioned incorrectly. Also to clear the counts after replacing consumable parts. Place an original and make test copies. U Method to set or check the original size detection threshold cont.

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Primary feed conveys paper from the upper drawer, lower drawer or bypass tray to the left and right registration rollers, at which point secondary feed takes place and the paper travels to the transfer section in sync with the printing timing. Terminals CN Voltage Remarks 3. Copy exposure indicator Description Setting range Initial setting Check if the duplex pulley, upper duplex roller Check visually and replace the pulley or or lower duplex roller is deformed.


Detects a paper jam in the job separator. copytar

Copystar Cs | Cs :: – Detailed Copier Specifications

Purpose To check the copytsar of the finisher motors and solenoids. Also check for continuity within the The size of paper in paper size switch 4 connector cable. Basically the only time it is a emergency is when smoke is coming out of these.

It stores and evens up the paper conveyed from the feedshift section and returns the stack copytar paper to the feedshift section. Dirty or flawed drum. Remove the screw securing the stapler cover and then the cover.

Thank you for subscribing to the mailing list. G Copy exposure adjustment keys Press the start key. It switches the paper path to eject copied paper to the job separator tray.

Page Machine cross section Paper path Figure 1 Feedshift section 2 Duplex unit