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I was having similar trouble getting Intel network drivers to work on a Dell Optiplex Of course trying to stifle progress is futile. This advice was on target. What I wanted to do was to get in, and access the files I needed before the drive collapses upon itself. Evan Anderson k 14 This site uses cookies.

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A 12 year old OS! Fill in your details below or click an delll to log in: I used the driver from the Saga that came with the server.

I have a real problem with Driveimage XML, I too live this program but I have a Compaq Presario with sata Hardrive, and I have managed to get it past the start phase but when I go to restore an image it give me a write error with info partition copy error. A couple cases warrant special notes:. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.

Creating BartPE from Windows XP Dell OEM CD | Terminally Incoherent

A whole operating system that runs off a CD. I’ve found that any driver I need once I’m likely to need again. Depending on your system setup you will have various settings for this device.


Of course the windows support niche has been filled out by Linux distros quite well. However, this involves you finding the correct drivers and then applying them to your particular boot disk.

October 7, at 5: Live distro was the way to go. Otherwise WIn 7 installed on C: In most cases, just copying the XP drivers for any given network card to a subfolder was enough.

December 15, at 2: You will want to choose Compatible or IDE depending on batpe you system presents. The only areas where you actually need write permissions are few select directories that the system use to dump log files and temporary garbage.

Creating BartPE from Windows XP Dell OEM CD

Barfpe finish my story — it worked. December 12, at 8: Simple, easy to implement and incredibly useful. After all, Microsoft has spent the last decade trying to tie their OS to the underlying hardware and make it less portable.

July 11, at 2: Your email address will not be published. You safa also subscribe without commenting. Have you seen this at all? Is it possible to insert drivers sata directly into an BartPE image, or would I have to build it from scratch? This is more work than it is worth to me right now.


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Run the tool on the system you have the encrypted HD connected to and authenticate, it will mount the drive as an external drive and you can copy the data from it. Hey Dwll, Thanks for the comments. March 26, at Note that if BartPE throws up warnings about missing files, you should probably go back to step 6 and add these file names to your fixdell.

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