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For a large portion of the global population, even those in well-developed regions, this might seem like really loose premise. I might not be helpful in this matter. The hdd is Toshiba branded lol.. Or are these devices doomed as the march of the tablets continues? Installing the correct version of driver solved the problem. Expect endless fingerprints and scratches stick to the cover in a week.

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Check the spec of the netbook. When you type on it, the whole keyboard wobbles, as if all the keys would jump off any second. I do product reviews often and I conclude everything based on what it really worth of.

If we talk about the heat-age, this netbook generate a lot of heat, so you unable to take it in hand during work. What is Problem to Webcam?

You can do more with your dollar! Sound quality just acceptable. Hi, out of curiousity, where can I get one?

Entertainment Like Follow Follow. The label says windows 7.

1 Malaysia Netbook

What do you think: Oh wait, it has gloss surface, hmm what does that mean? How to buy it.


In addition to highlighting netbook-friendly applications with an app store, the company is displaying its new 4G Eee PCs at trade show Computex. How long does the warranty last?

Thank to the goverment for give laptop 1 malaysia. You might not notice this, but the USB port is upside down, check how it differs from your laptop or netbook.

Worst of all, the placement of FN key at the leftmost bottom corner is brilliantly stupid. While Asus is making headlines in the tablet categoryit’s also revamping its netbook offerings.

amzdeal Laptop Netbook USB 3.0 Ultra Slim External DVD CD RW Drive Burner Player Writer 2017 New

I not a newbie for this. Mine has broken by a lightning struck. Good news that Windows 7 update comes to rescue, it manage to get all the devices working except the Ethernet controller. Well, this certainly is a bad news for those who really need netbooks, although netbook price plummets. Yes, it is given out by government via the Netbook 1Malaysia programme. Contact your netbook distributor for warranty.


The most outstanding one being reliability of routers and so forth. How and where can I obtain the drivers and how to recover Windows 7? BTW admin, im totally agree with you regarding this notebook.

How the Netbook Will Convert the Anti-Cloud Computing Crowd

Not so much bigger, though. Please refrain from asking me how to apply for the netbook. Of course, the outlook for power for the mobile phone market is as rosy as can be right now. Hi Mr John, I forgot my windows password then how should I to reset the password? Please refrain from asking me how to apply for getting the netbook. How to recovery this netbook. The netbook — the back cover is printed with a humongous 1 Malaysia logo at the center and Great Wall logo at the corner.